Writing What I know

Writing I have said a lot is like breathing. I need to write and I love to write. I still often wonder, where will I get the next story from. Then I will be listening to some music or read an article and I will file that bit of info away like for a scene… Like I did for the orphanage scene in Redemption at Midnight. BTW that orphanage scene did happen. So when I write and I am a Panster. I write by the seat of my pants and I find it works best for me because it gives me the freedom to allow my characters the room to grow or not. Sometimes they are barely mentioned in a book, then show up later in another book and say “I need my own story!”. I had mentioned that Colum had a sister in one or two sentences in my first vampire book, One Thousand Years to Forever. It took getting through the 2nd book and then I had her story already sitting on the back burner. I write about dragons, wish I had one. I write about tea reading, the art of tea leaf reading. I am going to have the pleasure of going to Bottom of the Cup , Tea Room down in NOLA when I go down there for a convention next year . I can’t wait. It will also be one  of my tours for readers. I have a lot of research books at my desk area and I sometimes have to pull myself away from researching. One  of my bookcases is full of Cambodia History books. So know when you read my books , even if it’s a little nugget of history or information, I try to do a lot of research before putting something in my books.


  1. Cherri-Anne Boitson

    hi Mary! I have to admit, this is always one of my questions to my authors – where do you get your ideas from? And Why do you write about what you do – Vampires, Shifters, etc. so this was like you were answering my questions before I asked them! Thanks for sharing how it all comes to be! I love hearing these kinds of stories! :)

    • marym

      Cherri-Anne I have always loved the old films about vampires. I met a male model last year who is one of the characters for another author friend of mine and he is from Maine. There was a whole group of us out after the last night in Vegas and he was giving vampire kisses out… Well let me just say if he was a real vampire I would have gladly followed him anywhere after that, so I get the whole loving Vampires now, even more since then. There is something very sensual about getting kissed or bit by a sexy vampire.
      I trying to bring out a different side and some may call my vampires pussies as they aren’t portrayed as dark and violent. I don’t want to go that far, though the sequel of Her Protector goes a bit darker, just to show it is out there and there are evil, wicked vampires out there just as there is real evil on the news these days. Just turn on the nightly news. BUT my vampires are there to save the human race and fall in love still and won’t give up.

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