Witches in the family

Well what happens when you are working on historical characters, checking on facts and find some very interesting facts about those characters or their family members.
Now these characters for a new Sweet Romance are not famous people from the past but they come from family who were known back in the 1600s. Now add to that, this author loves genealogy and I thought I would do a sweet romance with a few of my ancestors… who are ghost, one being a pirate and who is meddling in the business of his 10th great Granddaughter’s love life… Well two other ancestors, I just found out had two daughters who were accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. One of those daughters to deflect the blame off her daughter, embellished and admitted to being a witch finally, after torture. Her daughter and granddaughter were finally released. She died in prison. Her sister was released after her family paid the bail/bond for her. Both of the sisters were older and widows…
Don’t you know, these historical, ancestors will be making appearances in this new book.
Monday I will be having a talk with a local artist to work on the cover for this book. I want something different and to be done in time for a book signing in October.

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