Where I get my names for characters

Some times it’s from osmosis… sometimes I pull it from the real world, like mentioning a great uncle of mine, or I pull it from my genealogy. Case in point with Emma Brewster.

I saw a review for Emma Brewster and the woman was bent out of shape about the fact that I used a real name… actually I am not only descended from the Brewsters, but the Putnam’s, the Carver family (my maiden name) and Bronson. I can trace myself to all those families and have done  my own work and helped historical societies with research on not only my own but other families (collateral) to  the point when talking with other family members I forget they don’t always share my love for history, family history or genealogy. All those families are also documented down at the NE Genealogical Society in Boston.  With each marriage brings a new family(branch).I picked the name Emma (she is current day) because it’s an old name. Brewster because it’s one of my families. I just didn’t lift it out of air, it’s part of my blood. Seeing a family member’s portrait hanging in the Nation’s Capitol is nice BUT it doesn’t make them any better than the simple person who toiled and worked each and every day.

During the time my book opens, was a dangerous time for a witch or anyone who was different. If you were a midwife, you could be easily accused of being a witch. If you suffered from seizures you were possibly possessed.  Now I am going to get off track for just a moment and maybe someone will learn something.You had a great division within the church back in the days when the pilgrims came to the new world. They were separatist, they wanted change but did not believe change would come from within, so they moved first to Holland and then went to the new world. By 1628 when the Puritan founding fathers came(My Bronson family came with Rev Thomas Hooker)they believed the church could be changed from within. The new world was a theocracy (  a system of government in which priests(ministers) rule in the name of God or a god.) Theocracy and power in the hands of mere men is a dangerous thing. The world found that out and many were put to death, one being crushed during the witch trials of Salem, Ma. There were keys to that whole trail, a pamphlet that had been circulating and two brothers at odds because of an inheritance. Thomas Putnam (one of the chief accusers)  & his half brother Joseph who received the bulk of the inheritance. I am descended from Joseph. He was not only a defender but his family had to constantly be ready to flee should they because they were defending the accused, be accused themselves.

Having Brewster blood doesn’t make me any more special.  By the time my fictional book opens, theocracy was in full swing in the new world and the men who were in power were powerful men. There were many Brewsters by the time my fictional book opens up and who knows there may have been witches or women who practiced the old religion who were wiccan or pagan. Wiccan believe in the divine manifestation through the natural world, the turning of the seasons and the cycles of the moon. Instead of hiding today, to be wiccan you can now be more in the open.

When categorizing a book and having it listed on Amazon, you pick the category closest to what you are writing  and then find other categories to label your book. It’s a way of getting ranked. I am no more going to write real spells than other authors do, though I do have a Book of Shadows.

Here is a bit about Neo-Paganism.

Just as the term “Eastern religions” refers to BuddhismHinduismTaoism, etc., and the term “Abrahamic religions” refers to JudaismChristianityIslam, and perhaps the Baha’i faith, the terms “Neo-Pagan”  “Neopagan,” and “Pagan” refer to a group of separate religions.

Neopagan religions are reconstructions of ancient abandoned Pagan belief systems, including Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Roman, and other traditions.

Unfortunately, references to Pagans and Paganism in the Christian Bible are universally negative, and often contain references to human sacrifice and Satan worship. These passages were partly responsible for the “burning times. These were the witchhunts and subsequent extermination of non-Christians during the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods.

Some of the disinformation spread at that time has survived until today. Many Christians still believe that a link exists between Paganism and Satan worship. That link has included modern-day Neopagans. But the reality is that:

Neopagans do not worship Satan. They do not even acknowledge his existence. Their belief system often contains a pantheon of gods and goddesses. However, none of them is an all-evil deity even remotely like the Satan found in Christianity and Islam.

Over the last few decades, many Wiccans and other Neopagans have come out of the [broom] closet; some have even held public rituals. The result is that the misinformation and fear of Neopagans has largely evaporated. They are being accepted as simply another spiritual path within the diversity of North American beliefs.

To this day there are many churches that believe the way the Puritans did . To have a migraine means you have witches in your family… I was told that by a pastor…. The Putnam family was deeply involved in the witch trials on both sides. I am thankful my my Great, Great grandmother, Ann Putnam Bronson came from Joseph. He being a defender did not mean he practiced… he just saw through the whole thing and knew innocent women and men were being tried unjustly.

If someone is thinking that the Brewster family was holy… go live back during that time. They had struggles like we do today and little things that we do, say or feel today would be questioned under the church/town leaders. The church ran everything. They had people snooping in windows and would fine you for the littlest thing. BUT it became evident that that way of life would not last in this new country forever and slowly relaxed. Thank God! I would not be listening to my Indian Sitar Music, writing. It would be against the law.

I wrote a work of fiction, used names of people in my family. I could have used Bronson as the last name, or Carver but I did not. I used Brewster.

I am sorry that some do not like my writing but please don’t start me on anything in regards to history, you have attacked the wrong author. If I don’t feel comfortable with what I am writing I either do more research or I don’t put it in. also obviously some people enjoyed Emma, thankfully.

If I want to find out about something I do research. I have at my fingertips tons of books and would rather use them than the internet. I have added a couple links for anyone who wants to spring board and do a bit of searching.

BUT again Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle is a work of fiction and was never meant to be real, nor is it real. If fiction isn’t for you go read an encyclopedia (which I do from time to time)



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