Where I get my characters, Non Human or Vampire

While writing for my books, my characters kinda jump into what I am writing. I am a panster so it allows me the room I need to have one kinda walk into my story and then if all goes well, they will have their own book.

Also I love to put animals, real and mythical in my books.

My first book The Kings of Angkor:Army of a Thousand Elephants, had an elephant that knew Anna down through the ages. My son Brendan who asked me to do research for him because he wanted to do a movie on The Kings of Angkor. Well by the time we got done talking I said I wouldn’t just do the research but wanted to write the story. So the elephant was my first character who was non human. My son also said “You should throw in some interesting characters who have quirks, who are different. Well this character  was different and found his own personality as the story went on.

So then my vampire books came to me. It wasn’t really till my most recent book The Witchling Grows Up that again non humans took the forefront.

When I was little, before my mother passed away I grew up on a farm. I always loved animals. If my mother couldn’t find me, she knew I would be with the animals. I was never afraid of the cows or my horse even as a small child. My step-daughter’s boss has an old clydesdale whose name is Rosie. I love her and she is one of those horses that I am content just standing talking with her. She also loves to follow me if I have carrots in my back  pocket.

So with my home I have a lot of cats and dogs. My baby is a Chihuahua who is my Flying Monkey or My dragon in Training. He is fiercely protective of me. Well there is an instance in the book The Witchling Grows Up, where Dylan’s Chihuahua Max (that’s my Chi’s name) well he latches onto the vampire Justice. Max did that once and so I knew at that moment it had to go into my book. I also have some very talkative cats and so I tried to imagine when they are meowing, what if they were trying to tell us something. So in The Witchling Grows up and my next book which is coming out  in October, Emma Brewster: Too Hot to handle I have my cats appear in the book.

My cats as any cat lover knows have their own personality. Dogs do too but my cats are my most vocal. I have tried to take those personalities and put them into my books.

When I wrote about Tan the dragon in The Witchling Grows Up, I envisioned a dragon who has been with Dylan all her life. Knowing how protective they are with things they love like the dragon in The Hobbit, who loves his mountain of gold.  Tan became one of those characters that people loved and were so glad he didn’t die for good but was resurrected by Nero the Wolfhound. Having done a bit of research and falling in love with dragons, I have quite a collection of them. From teapots, ear clips, antique tea cups with dragons on them. I have a reader who sent me a dragon pendant that I took and put with my piece of Calcite. That way I always have Tan the dragon with me. If I could have one as a pet I would.

I always try to take real life, and put into the books that I write to give them a bit of life and depth.

I hope you enjoy my books and my characters that I write into them.


  1. Nancy

    I loved learning about where you get your characters from, especially dogs and cars. I have had the pleasure of meeting Max and indeed witnessing his fierce protectiveness of you. I look forward to meeting him in your story!

    • marym

      Thanks Nancy!! :-)

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