The Ins & Outs of Indie Publishing

I probably have nothing new to add to it… actually I am gonna ad a link of some pretty helpful pointers. I am constantly learning the ins and outs, so I am no expert. I do constantly look for ways to get my books published better. I am constantly striving for the best covers and the most unique. My eleven year old son told me yesterday that the book that he picked up at his middle school library, he picked first for the cover and then the synopsis… So he is learning.

I  am very fortunate to be finding some excellent cover models. One female cover model, Jax messaged me about a model who was coming over from England. This guy is not only gorgeous… his eyes… wow, his body, well it looks like it was carved out of stone. He is hard and the muscles are all well developed in all the right places. So I am really lucky and blessed to have him and Jax for two up coming books.

One of the things I have to do today is give a bit of background to Period Images to help with the shoot. The one shoot is for another Romantic Comedy Titled Susanna Brewster Gets Her Man. I am almost thinking there will be two books to10403019_920385824641558_3569475735560340239_n1910487_10205341155152703_6792670091170052851_n that one… I have been talking with one of my sons and can picture these two characters taking a while to really get to know one another though it’s gonna be hard unless she gets kidnapped or something… :-)

well I am gonna get to that write up for the shoot.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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