One of my new models

I would like to introduce Scott King. I found out  about him through another cover model Jax Turyna. She gave me a heads up on a shoot taking place out in LA in Dec. After  thinking about it for a bit and looking over Scott’s work I knew he would fit perfectly for one of my vampires. Then I realized he would work perfectly for a Romantic comedy that will be coming out next Aug… You see his smile and you know he is full of mischief when he wants.

and so it goes… I quickly realized I had the perfect one a few of my books :-)

BUT nothing prepared me for the photo I am going to post here. I woke up yesterday and went to Scott’s page, knowing he is doing a lot of shoots. I was like thrown up against the wall, hit over  over the head, my breath was knocked out of me… any saying you want to place in there, that is what happened when I saw the newest Scott King shoot. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to somehow get it for my future book that will focus on the former vampire king Cormac, father of Colum who is now King.

In the book that comes out in December, next month, Her Protector you will see not only the witches but the vampires going down a road and it’s going to be very emotional and hard to write it’s sequel Love Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt. That book will have sadness and we are going to loose one of the vampires… BUT seeing Scotts Shoot gave me and showed me Cormac in a new light of rebirth, stripped away, left bare…123FB

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