Life as an Author

My days since December have been really busy. Most of December was filled with getting a book ready to launch, and doing promo. Then there were edits for another book. December also found me attending a Book Fair outside of Boston and making connections there with local authors.

Finally the New Year, 2015 came and a fresh start. I got back into my writing schedule as best as I could. I have boys at home so it tends to be very busy. If I want to get writing done I have to get up early and write while it’s quiet.

My days start early and I write most mornings, 7 days a week. With it being bitter cold I have constant cups of tea.

This morning after dropping 3 boys off at school I headed to the harbor to get photos of the beautiful sea smoke rising from the water. I could see it as I drove away from the school. Despite the fact that it’s wicked cold it is beautiful. A crisp 6 degrees right now.

It’s funny I don’t know what some guys think Romance Authors do all day… practice what she writes. Don’t I wish. My dear friend and I went out last Friday and then we went over to Rockland after Happy Hour at a local Bistro. We ran into people we knew and those we didn’t. There was a group of guys celebrating a friend’s BDAY. When one found out I was a Romance Author, You could tell he thought he had hit the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. He asked if I got my inspiration at bars? “No says I… I don’t frequent them that much” But from what I was gathering when he was talking to his friends, he and they, especially the BDay boy thought they had found the holy grail… Yea, right, I don’t think so. Us girls were out of there quickly and headed home.

I get my ideas from my characters that frequent my head from my other books I have written, from music, from little snippets in life. Like other authors who write romance we write HEA because we are optimists and still hope for our own prince charming (if we are single) We write or try to write the man who has his flaws but who wants love as much as the woman in the book, does. The man may be an ex Navy Seal and hard as they come but deep down he wants that all consuming love.

So as I go through my daily chores, I listen, pay attention, read and take notes on life in general. That’s what helps me when I am writing my characters. No, I don’t sit home eating bonbons, I am hard at work creating the stories that my readers ask for. Oh and I had one of those moments this last week that I realized I really enjoy writing romantic comedy. So lets hope my 2nd romantic comedy will please my readers. I am fusing in some real life with my made up town of Cadwell Harbor Maine.

I have an interview that I will be posting probably at the end of the month. It will be with my friends and cover models Jax Turyna and Scott King. They did two custom shoots for me.

Now off to feed the pellet stove so to keep this house’s temperature up to a nice, balmy 69 degrees .

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