Good Morning from Caldwell Harbor Maine

Fog Coming to Caldwell Harbor, Mount Battie and the public library

Fog Coming to Caldwell Harbor, Mount Battie and the public library

Cone flowers in a witch's garden

Cone flowers in a witch’s garden

fresh Maine Blueberries that went into Emma Brewster's blueberry muffins

fresh Maine Blueberries that went into Emma Brewster’s blueberry muffins

My Mika sleeping

My Mika sleeping

Downtown Caldwell harbor Maine

Downtown Caldwell Harbor Maine

Caldwell Harbor, fog bank coming in

Caldwell Harbor, fog bank coming in

Caldwell harbor Maine

Caldwell Harbor Maine

This is Midnight here… Emma is busy with deliveries and Aunt Tiny is watching not only Eliza but baby Elisha who is one month old.

Emma had tea with “that” author Mary Moriarty today and Mary promised she would put me in her next book again… She better. Anyway she left her computer here at Emma’s house while she went out with Emma on deliveries. I thought I would write a blog post for her… Won’t she be surprised and delighted? Changing into a monkey does have its benefits.

Mika says hi, she is busy with our son Grimalkin. He is a good kitten as kittens go, but he is really too young yet to teach. I told Mika that but she wouldn’t listen. He was trying to change into a monkey like I was the other day but didn’t, and ran smack dab into the wall. He made one sound and his mother came running and wouldn’t let me near him… What is any self respecting cat/ familiar suppose to do when teaching the family business to his son I ask you? She coddles him too much I think.

New Brewster cousins arrived here at Cadwell Harbor.  Their names are Eleanor and her daughter Alaina. They arrived from somewhere in Europe, two weeks ago. They are staying with Aunt Tiny across the street for the time being. Eleanor has brought two cats with her. One is named Bagheera and the other Pywacket. There is not much hope for the first one. He is insufferable. He will soon learn who is in charge here.

James has a treasure salvaging boat named the Susanna J. James said it’s a combination of both their names. I hear whispers of treasure but that is James and Susanna’s story to tell. I would love a gold pirate earring in my ear though. Wouldn’t that look fine when I change into a monkey?

I am going to go through Emma’s photos so you can see Cadwell Harbor in the summer. Today is cloudy, we had some fog early. The air smells strongly of salt. I do love this town!

Signing off

Midnight Brewster

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