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LoveBeyondThe SahdowOf A (RNC) Custom Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes - Jimmy Thomas & Inessa - Mary Moriarty10403019_920385824641558_3569475735560340239_nherProtectorEbookFinal-FJM_Thumbnail_200x300Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]Redemption at Midnight  First is the cover with Jax Turyna and Thomas Gunter. Second photo is behind the scenes of a shoot Jimmy just did for me for my book that is coming out in April, The Lioness. Third is of Scott King… I am bouncing up and down on my desk chair, full of excitement for the two shoots he and Jax will be doing for me. Forth is of Her Protector. I found the image from Romance Novel Covers and it had everything I needed for Her Protector. I told Fiona I needed Glastonbury Tor in there, she got it and the whole cover perfect… the next photo is for the cover for the re-issue of The Kings of Angkor. Both Jimmy and Fiona nailed it again with the help of Jimmy’s photographer Bruce. Then the last photo that was done about the same times as The Kings of Angkor shoot, Redemption at  Midnight.                                                                     Being an Indie author has a lot of responsibilities . Once you have gotten past your first book and dig into the trenches so to speak there is no turning back.

I am not the most techie savvy but I do know what I want for  my book. If I can’t have a great cover then I don’t want one and won’t put the book out. The cover is just as much a part of the book as the insides.

Back in 2013 while I sat in a class at RNC 2013 in Las Vegas I listened to Jimmy Thomas , Fiona Jayde and LaVerne Thompson talk about creating LaVerne’s cover. I sat and all of a sudden had one of those moments that I was picturing a future cover from start to finish that later became Redemption at Midnight.

Since part of it took place in Maine it had to have an Adirondack chair. Now try and find one in Southern California… Jimmy did :-)

I have a thing for moon light . Once the shoot was done and I had quit fanning  myself I sent off the image I had decided upon to my cover artist Fiona Jayde.

Since then I have become really careful and picky about my covers.

August my good friend Grigoris Drakakis and I shot messages back and forth from Maine, USA to Greece about the shoot he was going to do for me. He has a lot of great images that have been made into great covers but I wanted something a little different. This 2nd series has been built around him and his character William Pendragon. So when he got done with the shoot and sent me teasers I was like OMG. His smoldering eyes are what caught me. I have the one shot as my screen saver. Grigoris has become a really good friend since we got to know each other well over  a year ago and it’s helped a lot with that shoot. His Cover will be launched soon.

Last year at RNC 2013, LasVegas I met Jax Turyna. She is tiny and nothing like what I thought she would be. I was very shy, thinking here is a beautiful woman who does all these shoots but she is so sweet. Well this year I told her I have been wanting her on a cover of mine but so far it hasn’t worked out… well then I saw she had done a shoot with another great model Thomas Gunter. He and I have talked and I have a lot of admiration for him and his day job. Since being a Fire Fighter and during storms our department will follow linemen around from fallen line to fallen line. The shoot was perfect for one of my books that will be out June 2015. So I got a photo from that shoot.

Well Jax messaged me not long ago to tell me about a custom shoot that she would be doing with Scott King. I had seen him but at that moment I hadn’t given him much thought. BUT this time I was like Okay I can picture him as one of my vampires. I also have a sequel to my Emma Brewster Book and I thought of just having Jax… then thinking harder I thought OMG, Scott will be perfect for James O’Halloran… So I quickly went from booking 1  custom shoot to 2 custom shoots. I also wrote to Scott and introduced myself and we have been chatting on Facebook. I told him about the two shoots for me and gave him synopsis for both so he has a bit of an understanding of the characters.

Well last night I got Scott’s message with his phone number. This morning I sent him mine and then we chatted back  and forth on Facebook. I told him I would call him soon. I called him after my first school run and we had a great conversation. Not only is he as excited about doing my two shoots as I am but I will be having  him come to NOLA to the Magnolia and Mausoleums Convention. I am hoping he can kick back a bit and relax but since this convention is a month before the releases of Susanna Brewster Gets Her Man, Scott will be there as James O’Halloran. So we talked a bit about that.

All I can say is he is a lovely person and looking forward so much to meeting him next year… it can’t come quick enough.

I also happened to find through Period Images a Highlander shoot and so I wrote to them to find out what the cost would be to purchase one of the images for Exclusive… they told me and I had about 6 images and was trying to figure on 1. I finally picked the one and I now have the cover for a Christmas book that will be part of the My Beloved Vampire series telling Thor and Olivia’s story. This man is Thor all the way. The book will be lighter, considering there is gonna be some sadness going on in the next couple books that involve my witches and Vampires.

So for all who asked for Thor and Olivia’s story it will be coming. I always listen to my readers and like the ones who asked for more from Cadwell Harbor Maine… Thor and Olivia will finally get their HEA…

So if you ever have any questions write to me a PM at my author page.

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