The Lioness

Rose O’Malley had always wanted to be a photojournalist from the time she was a little girl. Her father was an award winning war correspondent from the Vietnam Era. Rose grew up listening to the ’sit on the edge of your chair stories’ from friends of her father. Some like Catherine Leroy, Horst Faas and Tim Page were always visiting when they happened to be in Boston. Rose had also grown up seeing a lot of injured Mujahideen fighters come to her parents home in their last days of rehab from injuries they had suffered. It was there she found her second love, the Afghan people. She knew she would be linked to them and their country forever. Little did she know where that would take her.
So it was no surprise when Rose decided to strike out on her own with what little money she had and her cameras and started to work. She was quickly recognized as the photojournalist who got to the heart of the matter and showed the deeper parts of the story. She covered all the major modern day conflicts by herself and was able to get in to places first because of her father and then on her own merit. That’s what caught Ty Madison’s attention.
Ty Madison had been all over the world covering conflicts and wars. Embedding with the US and Afghani troops he had won numerous awards, but he wanted more. He wanted to reach a greater readership and have his stories fleshed out. So he called Rose.
Their work started in Afghanistan because of Rose’s knowledge of the country and the people. Her father had worked with the Lion of Panjshir, General Ahmad Shah Massoud during the war with the Russians.  She was welcomed in as a beloved sister and soon they were covering stories that the regular war correspondent couldn’t get, because hey had the Afghani’s trust. They started out as co-workers but it soon became evident that there was more than friendship. Theirs was a love that grew stronger with each day but would it stand the ultimate test?
While Ty is working solo in Iraq, he is taken by insurgents. Rose doesn’t take the easy route. She does exactly what Ty never wanted her to do, go to Bagdad. Where the life expectancy of a war correspondent isn’t long, Rose goes in where angels dare not tread. There is a reason why Ty is taken. The insurgents know capturing him will bring in Rose O’Malley. With the combination of those two powerhouse war correspondents their demands will be heard above the din of the war. Ty and Rose become dangerous pawns in the insurgents chess game.
The insurgents liken her to a lioness because of her fearlessness to get back the man she loves.
Once she hits the ground in Iraq she starts out with forces opposing her from the start. She has the US Government telling her she would be better off outside Iraq. “Leave it to the people who know how to handle these things.” She is also trying to weave through the shadowy, dangerous world of the people of Iraq and Bagdad. Two groups of people who belong to one religion but because of their faith they will kill to gain control of their beloved country. They will use any means to get that control and so they bring Ty and Rose into their world.

The Lioness brings together characters that are fighting for a common good and cause, freedom. What will be the cost? Rose will stop at nothing and if that means bringing in help from the outside or going native she will do it. Rose will use any means to get back the man she so dearly loves or die trying.

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