The Kings of Angkor: Army of a Thousand Elephants

Among the mystic plains and mountains of Cambodia, a dedicated archeologist, Anna Oldenburg, suddenly finds herself inexplicably thrust amidst the life and times—ancient and modern—of the nation that once had the vision to create the magnificent Angkor Wat.

In the royal courts of Suryavarman II, Anna would come to know friendship, honor, courage, and the one unimaginable love that seems as timeless and consuming as she could make of it.

The corrupting influence of power, however, courses in the veins of those who are madly after it, past and present, and Anna finds herself at the center of intrigues, threatening to destroy those who have become dear to her—even her own life.

Along with the people who have become everything to her, Anna must deal with the forces who mean to destroy her or confine her to eternal oblivion, if they could just have their way.

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