Susanna Brewster Gets Her Man

Emma Brewster’s cousin Susanna comes to Cadwell Harbor Maine with the hopes of a great job and a little peace and quiet.

Susanna joins the Cadwell Harbor PD and hopes being around her cousin she can better understand her family of witches and her own powers. Only her arrival touches off a fire storm of paranormal activity and then comes trouble…

James O’Halloran, cousin to Cas, Retired Navy Seal and looking for quiet. What he finds is a smartass cop in a beautiful package who can’t cook to save her life but who can hear his thoughts… good and bad. All he wanted was a nice quiet job but working for Bruno VonHessman is anything but and he is thrown into a cauldron of witches brew and his only hopes are Susanna…

More trouble comes to Cadwell Harbor in the way of the Barbaro Mob… Big Joe Barbaro is coming to get everything owed to him from Bruno VonHessman and that means Bruno’s shipment of priceless artwork and everything else… including his wife.

Nick, Joey and Vinnie Barbaro just want a good meal and to finish this job so they can retire forever.

It’s not just more paranormal activity that has come to Cadwell Harbor Maine. The FBI, IRS and Aunt Ernestine and her coven who if the other agencies can’t get the job done they will and whip up a batch of bake goods in the bargain.

Oh and Midnight and Mika are fighting for their sanity when James drops off his cat Estella… Estella may be the straw that breaks the camels back or saves the day… Or she may just drive Midnight crazy. Estella is hoping for the last one.

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