A long time ago, the year was 1014. It was one of the holiest times of the year and a battle was being fought. It was the Battle of Clontarf. There, the armies of the High King, Brian Boru of Ireland fought against Mael Morda Mac Muchada, Sigtrygg Silkbeard and Brian’s ex wife Gormflaith.

Many fell including the High King, most of his sons, grandsons and Mael Morda. Fighting along side Mael were his nephews, younger brothers of Sigtrygg. One was Olaf the younger who would be reborn that day as Odin. He knew then he would not take a wife or mate until the right one came. So he would wait…

The year is 2010 and Odin Mac Muchada is assigned to watch the daughter of future Queen of their kind. Her name is Sally MacNamara . Odin knew from the moment he laid eyes on her, that she was his… he would wait another two years to tell her, “I’ve been Waiting for You.”

Here is the explosive sequel to “One Thousand Years to Forever” The twist, and turns will leave you breathless.

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