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The Ins & Outs of Indie Publishing

I probably have nothing new to add to it... actually I am gonna ad a link of some pretty helpful pointers. I am constantly learning the ins and outs, so I am no expert. I do constantly look for ways to get my books published better. I am constantly striving for the best covers and the most unique. My eleven year old son told me yesterday that the book that he picked up at his middle school library, he picked...

Emma Brewster:Too Hot to Handle

Emma-Brewster-ebook-webI woke this morning to find my Book Emma Brewster:Too Hot to Handle had disappeared from Amazon. I was frantic to say the least . So I had to find out why and when I did I was even more upset as I had upload the final manuscript long before its as needed. Typical technology  there is no place to reach  Kindle Direct Publishing and to hold them accountable for sales...

World Wide Release of Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle

Hello Readers!                                                                                                                                    We are less than 10 days away from the worldwide release of Emma Brewster: Too Hot to Handle, October 24th! Can it come any quicker? I am pretty excited to see my first romantic comedy come out. I love reading romantic comedies and I always seem to have some of those moments even in my serious paranormal romances. So what is Emma up to? I talked with her the other day and she is kicking it into high gear to...

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