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Where I get my names for characters

Some times it's from osmosis... sometimes I pull it from the real world, like mentioning a great uncle of mine, or I pull it from my genealogy. Case in point with Emma Brewster. I saw a review for Emma Brewster and the woman was bent out of shape about the fact that I used a real name... actually I am not only descended from the Brewsters, but the Putnam's, the Carver family (my maiden name) and Bronson. I can trace myself...

Life as an Author

My days since December have been really busy. Most of December was filled with getting a book ready to launch, and doing promo. Then there were edits for another book. December also found me attending a Book Fair outside of Boston and making connections there with local authors. Finally the New Year, 2015 came and a fresh start. I got back into my writing schedule as best as I could. I have boys at home so it tends to be very...

One of my new models

I would like to introduce Scott King. I found out  about him through another cover model Jax Turyna. She gave me a heads up on a shoot taking place out in LA in Dec. After  thinking about it for a bit and looking over Scott's work I knew he would fit perfectly for one of my vampires. Then I realized he would work perfectly for a Romantic comedy that will be coming out next Aug... You see his smile and...

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